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V.N.N.C., Inc.
Van Ness North,
A Cooperative

The entrance way to Van Ness North.

3001 Veazey Terrace NW
Washington, DC 20008-5454
Telephone: (202) 244-4400
Email: vnncgm@vannessnorth.org

VNN Front Entrance.Van Ness North is a cooperative apartment house located at
VNN Front Entrance.3001 Veazey Terrace NW
Washington, DC 20008-5454

The structure is 16 stories tall, built into a hillside overlooking a tributary of Rock Creek Park. It is a mix of efficiencies, one, two and three bedroom units, some with dens and multiple bathrooms. Many have balconies. Originally consisting of 466 units, a few apartments have been combined.

To the north is Soapstone Valley Park, and to the east is Van Ness East (a condominium), and Rock Creek Park. To the south is Van Ness South (a rental property), and to the west is an office/retail structure (including a Giant grocery store) facing Connecticut Avenue, NW. The Van Ness/UDC Metro station (East exit) on the Red Line is one block from Van Ness North at the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Veazey Terrace, N.W.